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Retail consulting

Sunbury Heights Retail Consulting offers a range of project management services in the retail sector, specializing in branded goods outlets, electronics, clothing and consumer goods areas.

Our team of specialists keeps abreast of the latest trends and technologies affecting retail construction and cooperates closely with brand managers and consultants to ensure our clients needs are met.

Providing cost control services and ensuring the design and construction programs are maintained and their targets met, Sunbury Heights Retail Consulting team uses its years of experience to provide a seamless service to our clients, managing designers and contractors alike, while keeping the very tightest control on the quality of works.

Many of our leading clients use us to perform technical and design due diligence on a site before it is chosen, and in all the locations in which we operate we have knowledge of the local vendor market that is unparalleled.

Some of the largest brand names in the world use Sunbury Heights to manage and construct their retail outlets in the parts of the world in which we operate. As customer satisfaction is central to our business, we devote all our energies to ensure client objectives are met and this is often rewarded with repeat business in the same or other locations.

As one large electronics retailer recently replied, when asked if he was nervous about his expansion plans in Russia, "We didn't take a risk, we chose Sunbury Heights"! Let our professionals explain to you more about how we can ensure your retail objectives are met.

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