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Industrial consulting

Sunbury Heights Industrial Consulting works with industrial and manufacturing clients on factories and industrial facilities (including warehouses and ancillary construction) throughout Russia and the Ukraine.

Staffed by Project Managers qualified and skilled in the work required to deliver technical and production facilities on time and to the right cost and quality, Sunbury Heights Industrial Consulting uses specialists in a particular industry type every time on its projects, whether that industry be related to heavy or light industrial production, distribution and logistics or energy.

Industrial project management requires a number of skills specific to the sector and location, not least experience and relationships with approvals and approving bodies. The ability to rapidly and accurately collate and submit the necessary paperwork, while ensuring that environmental and due diligence studies are carried out in a timely fashion literally makes the difference between success and failure. On each SHIC project, a focussed Approval Supervisor is allocated, who assists the project team throughout the design and construction process to ensure all relevant steps are taken to avoid delays in the start of operations.

Having worked with some of the largest international manufacturers to set up in Russia and the Ukraine, we can ensure that your objectives are met and facilities delivered to meet all Russian and required international corporate standards. In the past year we have managed the design, approvals and construction for industrial facilities as diverse as brewing, bottling, insulation, construction materials, metalworks, machine tools and wood processing.

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