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PRA Healthcare

Appointed to this project by the clients UK architects, Sunbury Heights was responsible for more than Project and Cost Management. For the clients convenience, design and construction and procurement of all materials including furniture were put under our contractual umbrella.

  • ClientPRA Healthcare
  • LocationGreat Britain

The client has a specific look and feel to their offices and with a very challenging completion target, we needed to pull out all the stops to ensure they were in on time. This was successful and the client are delighted with the result - a modern, innovative and bright new office, achieved without undue expense and delivered on time.

PRA Healthcare

This was particularly interesting project for a major international pharmaceutical company. The clients head office is in the UK & their architects for global rebranding are also based in London. This was a refurbishment project in an occupied business center and as the client was UK based they were looking for a one stop shop locally & appointed Sunbury Heights to manage the project and act as the general contractor to coordinate subcontractors as well as take control of the development of the design and engineering systems.

As this was a fast track design & build refurbishment project the next step was to start the demolition phase in parallel with implementing the changes to the concept design prepared by the clients global architectural team to make it compliant with the building regulations of the Russian federation. In addition the Sunbury Heights engineering department prepared all the MEP, fire safety systems & LV design projects for client & landlord approval.

Having already earmarked a preferred location the client appointed Sunbury Heights to carry out a technical due diligence examination on the building they had selected.

Again, to save time on this fast track project the Sunbury Heights PM team in parallel worked closely with the clients UK team to develop the furniture schedule and invite pre-approved furniture suppliers to participate in a tender. Sunbury Heights PM also arranged the scheduling and procurement of all the specified long lead items. As soon as the final project design was approved by the client and landlord the fit out works could commence, the demolition works had already finished and long lead items were already in production. Having confirmed delivery dates for all the materials enabled the PM team to adapt the program of works resulting in a very smooth project conclusion, allowing time for detailed changes to be implemented along the way without compromising the final handover date.

In summary this project was both interesting and rewarding, proving that coordinated team work and clear communication skills really pay dividends.