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Leading Investment Bank

Sunbury Heights were appointed to manage the expansion in Russia of one of the world’s biggest banks, based overall in Germany. This engagement involved six projects including one of 10 000m2, and two of between 600-3000m2, both in Moscow and St Petersburg.

  • ClientInvestment Bank
  • LocationGermany

We delivered an excellent result for a demanding client with the highest standards in their sector. Our focus on overall customer satisfaction has led to multiple repeat engagements with this client.

The banks requirements, especially for their large Technology Centre project, were technologically complex, but, leading an international team of specialists, both in-house and outsourced, enabled us as Project and Cost Managers to achieve their most challenging objectives.

Leading Investment Bank

As an example, in one of the projects located in the center of Moscow, Sunbury Heights was asked to manage the design and construction of a new client zone in their already functioning office. That project included:
New Reception zone;
New meeting rooms with stationary and folding partitions equipped by AV&VC equipment;
Increase the quality and usability of toilets and kitchens;
New functional build-in furniture;
New office furniture.

In order to minimize disruption, the schedule was very tight and we had two short months to implement the design. Even though the area was small and fit-out works were minor, major changes were required in engineering systems. Changes affected fire & life safety systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and access control. In order to achieve these ambitious goals, we used the best the Moscow market can offer in terms of highly qualified specialists and the very best materials to ensure a successful ending to the project.

This project involved a number of functional specialists working in a restricted zone, in the midst of a working bank.