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"Throughout the project you gave me a warm feeling of security - both in your knowledge of the local market, contacts, negotiations etc. and in your backstop role. I know that the Senior Partner ended by feeling that you were indispensable."

Nick Rowlatt
Global Architect


"Your expertise helped us a lot and allowed us to move smoothly into our new offices. It was a pleasure for me to work with such a professional."

Konstantine Kouzine


"Your expertise was invaluable we look forward to working with you on future projects. Id be happy to recommend you."

Dennis Clark

Svenska Handelsbanken

"We are extremely pleased with the quality of the work executed by Sunbury Heights, especially considering the local difficulties in central Moscow. Everything was done in time, and very thoroughly."

Per Lundberg

Huawei Technologies Co, Ltd

"Due diligence of the premises performed by Sunbury Heights PM helped us much in pushing the landlord to complete its remaining works and to mend the defects fixed. Detail cost analysis and control combined with an integrated approach to managing contractors allowed us not only getting the best Class A office space from quality-cost ratio, but also being confident that all is in hand during the whole project while putting all of the durdensome obligations on Sunbury Heights PM professionals."

Guo Jingsong
Director Administration department

Prof Media

"An excellent performance and a fruitful team-work over 6 months convinced us that we made a right decision. Scrupulous attention to details, thorough project analysis, prevantative actions, strategic recommendations to cut unnecessary costs, successful cost control and 100% quality assurance made Sunbury Heights the most competitive project management team in the market. They were willing to take responsibility of the project from start to finish."

Sergey A. Lavrukhin
Deputy CEO

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare Russia

"My experience of working with Sunbury Heights found them to be a highly professional organisation. All team members were highly skilled, managing all the detail behind the scenes and only communicating what was necessary enabling me to focus on running the business the business, and not worrying about the project status."

Nick Tait
General Director

AIG Financial Services

"SHPM team showed their experience in optimal structuring of the project and representation of clients' interests with all project participants. Another valuable contribution was the highly efficient general contractor tender. During construction process Sunbury Heights showed a proactive approach in coordinating works of the general contractor and with the contractors that were appointed by us for IT and electrical engineering systems. The right choice of the cash room contractor was also largely attributed to SH experience in completing the projects for banking and financial organizations. Thank you for all your help. We couldn't have done it without you."

Victor Romashov
General Director
AIG Financial Services


"During the project Sunbury Heights has demonstrated a high degree of proficiency, readiness to cooperate and during the project Sunbury Heights' ability to direct us the client. We are thankful to all the staff which took part in this project. Thanks to their efforts we have managed to save time and money."

Andjey Feder
Financial Director

Amway London

"On behalf of Amway, UKFEC project team, I would like to convey my sincere thanks and deepest appreciation for the support and service rendered by youк team during UKFEC project management.

The responsiveness you displayed to our needs for the set-up of UK Flagship Experience Center made a substantial contribution and greatly enhanced the exceptional turnout. It is reassuring to know that we are supported by proud professionals such as your team. Your willingness to service and support our organization is an attribute you can well be proud of.

You used every single opportunity to help the project regardless of any discomfort or extra work you have to put up with, and most importantly you did it with the most pleasant manner. Thanks again for your great work!!!


Best regards
Mustafa Ozen

Bank of China

"Bank of China would like to thank Sunbury Heights for successful realization of the construction project for the new office of Bank of China.

Speaking of productive work accomplished by project manager and assistant as a whole, it would be desirable to point out the work of Construction and Engineering departments as well as Cost Control department. Specialists of these departments showed good professional skills during the entire project, and the reports prepared by them have helped to avoid extra costs and to predict the actions directed on reduction of costs and project realization terms.

Involving Sunbury Heights as Project Management Company has helped to follow planned project terms and avoid unjustified costs, which lead to exceeding budget."

Liu Xiaozhong
Acting on behalf of the President of the Bank

Bank of Cyprus

"Sunbury Heights provided project management services for the full refurbishment and fit- out project of Bank of Cyprus' new office in Moscow, covering cost control, time planning, specifications, contract documents, tender procedure, site supervision, payments, etc.

Throughout the project Sunbury Heights did an excellent and professional job. Their contribution in achieving the construction targets in respect of time, cost and quality was invaluable."

Argyris Nicolaides
Bank of Cyprus